Who is Craig Wright?

Who is Craig Wright?

Working as a computer scientist in Australia, Craig Wright has risen to fame in recent years as he claims to be the anonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. He has also attempted to open up the world’s first Bitcoin bank,  Denariuz Bank. He is currently working on a court case against Peter McCormack, Roger Ver, and others on instances of defamation as he struggles to prove his claim as the father of Bitcoin.

Craig Wright = Satoshi Nakamoto?

On paper, it’s relatively simple to prove you are Satoshi. All you have to do is send a Bitcoin Transaction from one of the Addresses that mined the first Bitcoins. As simple as this may sound, Wright has not been able to produce spotless evidence to his Satoshi Claims.  

He is continually working on proving his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2016, he met Gavin Andresen from the Bitcoin Foundation and during this private meeting, he signed a message using a PGP encryption key linked to one of the earliest Bitcoin transactions. Andresen has been a firm believer in Wright’s claim ever since.

However, others like Dan Kaminsky, Chief Scientist of White Ops, and Jeff Garzik, co-founder and CEO of Bloq, have their reservations. Kaminsky checked all documents and pictures that Wright provided of Satoshi’s public key and his terminal but believed that it was potentially a scam. Wright was asked by Kaminsky and Garzik to send a message using Satoshi’s original PGP encryption. The pressure on Wright was too high, and he denied providing further evidence, saying: “As the events of this week unfolded…I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre
Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright at a Bitcoin Cash Event (Source: Facebook)

While Craig Wright was an original supporter of Bitcoin Cash, his sentiments have since changed. His disagreement with BCH occurred after a proposal to upgrade the protocol in August which included Canonical Transaction Ordering and an opcode, OP_CHECKDATASIG. Wright believed that these updates were not secure and could muddle the true vision that Satoshi had when he created the cryptocurrency. As a result, Wright would go on to create his own fork.

Another Fork: BitcoinSV (BSV)

Standing for Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision, Craig Wright believes that this preserved the original Bitcoin’s essence. His supporter Calvin Ayre states, “Bitcoin BSV is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin…” Currently, Craig Wright has developed a company called nChain, which works to develop software for Bitcoin BSV. He operates closely with Ayre and says that the other versions, such as BCH, did not truly represent “peer-to-peer electronic cash.”

The main difference between BSV and BCH would once again be the block size. SV increases the size from 32 MB to 128 MB. While Craig believes that this move will increase the scalability of Bitcoin, others such as Vitalik Buterin are less supportive. 

Following Craig’s claim to Satoshi was a slew of companies and people who took action against him and BitcoinSV (BSV). Binance recently delisted BitcoinSV (BSV) as a direct response to Wright and Ayre’s legal threats and lawsuits. 

Recent Court Cases involving Wright

Craig Wright and David Kleinman
Craig Wright and David Kleinman (Source: MetroUK)

Wright has been involved with a number of lawsuits over defamation with people who do not believe that he is Satoshi. His current open cases include one with Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. Other ongoing court cases involve Peter McCormack and Roger Ver. While Ver has decided to take the trial to court. Neither Buterin nor McCormack have responded.

The list of people Wright is threatening to sue also includes John McAfee, inventor of McAfee Antivirus and Presidential Candidate. Perhaps the most notable case is one brought forth against Craig Wright, who was sued by Ira Kleiman to try to gain part of the Tulip Trust on behalf of his late brother, David Kleinman.

According to Ira, his brother had mined around 1.1 million bitcoin with Wright around 2010, all of which had been placed in the Tulip Trust. Wright claims to have shared part of the private keys with David Kleinman. Now, Kleinman’s brother Ira is suing for his deceased brother’s portion of the bitcoins, valued just over $4.5 billion.  While in court, Wright claimed that he does not have access to the bitcoin fortune as David’s part of the key may be lost forever.


As long as Satoshi’s original Bitcoins stay where they are and his PGP Key remains unused, we won’t know his or her’s true identity. All we know is:

If you are Satoshi, it’s not that hard to prove it.

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