The Reformer Portfolio – Week 1


The Reformer Portfolio is an ongoing series that follows a $1000 portfolio of cryptocurrencies which began on the 17th of June 2019. In this series, we follow the development of our portfolio and discuss the past performance and future outlook for our portfolio.

And in the beginning, there was darkness… A warm welcome to our Reformer Portfolio series. Our goal is to teach our readers about the Ins and Outs of the cryptocurrency market, from converting FIAT to crypto, manoeuvring an exchange to picking and choosing the right cryptocurrencies for our portfolio.

Every week, we will evaluate and add or remove coins as necessary. There are some rules to our portfolio: We will not add more than one coin per week, nor remove more than one. This means that we will have to go at this challenge with a different mindset than a day-trader: The coins we add to our portfolio will be long term picks that we expect to yield positives returns over the course of twelve to twenty-four months.

Excluded from the possible pool of cryptocurrencies are ICOs and unlisted currencies. Requirement is that the cryptocurrency has to either be on Binance, Bittrex or GDAX and has an Ethereum or Bitcoin trading pair.

So without further ado, behold our first pick:


As unspectacular as this may be, everyone has to start somewhere and what would be better than the undisputed number one.

Our investment in Bitcoin will be a crisp $100 bill, netting us 0.01104125 BTC.

Stay tuned for the development of our Bitcoins and for the next coin that we add to our portfolio in The Reformer Portfolio – Week 2.

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