The Market follows suit with Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies are on track to $400 Billion market cap


After Bitcoin reached $10.000 late last night, the market gained momentum and has started moving towards a combined market cap of $400 billion again.

One of the best performers of today is , gaining more than 30% in a short timeframe, reaching a high of $18.76.

NEO performance 22nd of June 2019
The fast rise of NEO today, followed by a consolidation. (Source:

, the cryptocurrency generated by storing NEO in a wallet, reached highs today of $3.74.

Other strong performers today were , , and

With Bitcoin breaking $10.000 again, the bulls are sure to keep this party going for a little while longer and we may be on track for a July or August celebration when the combined market cap of cryptocurrencies reaches $400 billion again.

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