IOTA Partners with Primority

IOTA Partners with Primority

IOTA has partnered with Primority, a digital food safety management company.

The goal of the partnership is the development of a prototype application that will allow users to easily check allergens before purchasing a food product.

The development of the application based on distributed ledger technologies has already begun. The application is integrated within Primority’s very own 3iVerify platform. It uses the 3iVerify cloud platform to automatically share data from food manufacturers on IOTAs Tangle.

By scanning the Barcode on the food packaging, a digital twin of the food product can be viewed by the customer before the purchase and food factories alike.

It is interesting to note that existing Barcode technology will be used to enable the joint venture.

As stated in a press release by Primority:

The digital twin contains the list of allergens identified in the specific product, together with its expiration date and method of verification. Once stored into the IOTA Tangle, this information becomes immutable and its integrity is guaranteed. For consumers, the collected information can be accessed from anywhere and by anybody via the AllerSafe app. This means that for products stored on the IOTA Tangle that consumers can have confidence in the allergen information.
Food manufacturers who use 3iVerify can send data from the platform to the IOTA ledger without the need to cover the costs of managing this infrastructure. For consumers, the app accesses the IOTA ledger and the information shared on it without owning any cryptocurrency or installing a wallet.   

Primority Ltd is a UK based software development company focused on integrated food safety management solutions.

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