Chainlink (LINK) to launch on Coinbase PRO

Chainlink on Coinbase PRO

Chainlink (LINK) is set to launch on the Coinbase PRO service in aproximately 12 hours.

Transfers have been opened at 10am Pacific Time and once a sufficient supply of LINK is reached, trading is set to open for LINK/USD and LINK/ETH trading pairs. Trading will be opened in phases and once metrics for a healthy market are met, trading fully unlock.

Coinbase also wants to open up trading to its consumer mobile apps and, stating:

“Please note that LINK is not yet available on or via our consumer mobile apps. We will make a separate announcement if and when this functionality is added.”

Coinbase PRO users have been requesting more assets and Chainlink (LINK) should be seen as a great addition to the Coinbase PRO portfolio.

The move comes after Chainlink (LINK) reached a new All-Time-High of $2.42 following an announcement by Google and Oracle that Chainlink will be their provider of choice for blockchain cloud applications.

Chainlink (LINK) gained $2.17 (1230.88%) over the past year and is among the best-performing coins of 2019.

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Source: Coinbase


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