A Closer Look: COSS.io (COS)

A Closer Look: COSS.io

Crypto One Stop Solution (COSS) is an exchange, merchant gateway, the worlds first Token merger and a cryptocurrency wallet based out of Singapore.

CEO and Founder of is Rune Evensen. There were a lot of rumors back during the ICO phase that Rune Evensen was involved with various Multi-Level marketing schemes as a recruiter. Whatever Rune has done in the past, the COSS Project is far from a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Its a working, secure and compliant cryptocurrency exchange that has delivered, albeit sometimes a little later than planned, on everything they said they would.

What makes the Exchange and Token unique are how they work together to create an ecosystem that allows investors to participate directly in the revenue of the exchange.

The Ecosystem explained

This video does a good job of explaining the basics of the ecosystem and the Fee Split Allocation.

This video was created by COSS community member Trevor Scott.

The Fee-Split-Allocation pays out 50% of the fees other traders accrue on the exchange to Token Holders according to their holdings. To put the Fee-Split-Allocation into perspective:

A $100 Dollar investment in COSS currently returns $0.24 per week or $12.51 annually.

A 12.51% interest annually is something you can not even dream about if you keep your money in a bank account.

A Brief History of COSS.io

The ICO began on August 8th and ended on September 6th. The total value of Tokens sold during the ICO was $3.2 million. The price per Token during the ICO was $0.05 USD.

COSS.io original User Interface
The original design of the COSS.io Exchange.

This is what the exchange used to look like after the ICO launched. The first time I heard about COSS was on 4chan.org/biz/ where it was frequently discussed – you either hated or loved it, there really was no in-between.

The first design of the exchange had its issues and COSS soon began speaking about a re-design and improvements to their system.

In January 2018, they delivered on their promise and released the first version of the UI they have still implemented today.

COSS.io New User Interface
The current design of the COSS.io Exchange.

Credit Card Deposits became available on COSS in October 2018.

COSS launched the COSS Fee Token (CFT) in November 2018, aimed at heavy traders and enabling a 25% discount on trading fees.

And today, on June 25th 2019, COSS will hold the first ever Token merger.

The Worlds First Ever Token Merger

COSS will merge with the LALA Token under the new Ticker COS. Holders of COSS and LALA Tokens are required to store their Token on the exchange and manually swap their Token to COS. A step-by-step Manual can be found on Medium.

The swap ratio for COSS to COS is 1:1, for LALA to COS it’s 10:1.

Token Holders have three months starting from June 25th, 2019 to deposit their Tokens on the Exchange and swap them for COS.

There will be an Announcement on the official social media channels and on Medium if any extensions to this time window will be made.

The Future of COSS (COS)

The team has been amazing with updating and listening to its community so far. Whether it’s on their Subreddit or through Medium, they are communicating with their fans and users on a regular basis.

COSS Roadmap for 2019
The Roadmap released in April 2019 shows the plans for the COSS Ecosystem up into the second quarter of 2021.

I have no doubt that the team will handle the first ever Token merger with the same care and due diligence that they have shown in the past and that the new COS Token and the ecosystem will continue to grow.

If past performance of other exchange tokens is any indication, the COSS Token is currently extremely undervalued and it is only a question of time before investors will see the value of the Fee Split Allocation and fully compliant exchange.

The exchange is in a perfect spot to open trading to Security Token Offerings, having a full KYC and AML ready registration in place and the ability to host them directly within the ecosystem.

If the team keeps making the right decisions and playing for the long-term, the FSA combined with the potential of the ecosystem that COSS has built over time should make crypto investors consider why COS is still missing in most of their portfolios.

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